Hero Cards Now Available from P.TEN Marketing

Professionally Designed Hero Cards Now Available

Professionally designed custom hero cards are now available in as little as 24 hours! With the start of the new race season getting closer every day, P.TEN has added this service to its list of ever-growing offerings.

P.TEN will work with your team to develop a hero card that not only looks cool, but accurately portrays your driver’s unique personality and style to help brand your team and clearly community your image to fans.

Affordably priced, P.TEN can also provide graphic retouching services to make the “good” photo of your car you want to feature into a “great” one!

Connect with your fans and give them something to take home that they’ll enjoy long after the race is done. An autographed hero card and a handshake are great ways to keep your name fresh in someone’s mind – let P.TEN help position you for success!

Now Offering Web Hosting

P.TEN Merges with ATLelite to Offer Web Hosting

New for 2014, P.TEN Marketing is proud to announce it has merged with the local Atlanta, GA based technology consulting firm known as ATLelite. As a result of this new business venture, P.TEN Marketing will now be offering web hosting packages to its customers.

With many different price levels and options available, this services is perfect for those looking for a place to house their websites, and also includes personalized, customized email accounts!

The merger was recently finalized and the team at P.TEN has been working with the ATLelite staff to transition over existing customers.

To purchase web hosting or set up a new account, visit Go.PTENmarketing.com.

Need help with your current website, or want a new design? Contact the P.TEN staff today for a free quote!

Develop Strategies to Lead the Pack

Innovative Strategies to Lead the Pack

In racing, you strive to get the pole position in qualifying and your marketing and branding strategies shouldn’t be any different!

P.TEN can help you stand out from the crowd to propel your brand to a podium finish through innovative strategies, effective ideas, thoughtful budget planning, and more.

Launch Your Brand to the Winner's Circle

Launch Your Brand to the Winner’s Circle

The best way to grow your brand, whether it’s a company or a race team, is to get it in front of the eyes of those you’re trying to reach. P.TEN can help get you there!

We’ll work with you to develop an effective marketing strategy that will get your brand noticed and improve your presence.

Creative Ideas to Accelerate Your Brand

Creative Ideas Accelerate Your Marketing Strategy

Innovation and insight will help move your brand forward and P.TEN has got the creativity to get you there.

With a unique marketing strategy and positioning, we’ll help you be on the leading-edge of what’s going on to keep your brand fresh and in the minds of those you wish to target!

A Unique Perspective on Motorsports Marketing

A Unique Perspective on Motorsports Marketing

The P.TEN team is made up by passionate motorsports enthusiasts with a wide variety of backgrounds.

With experience from working with international advertising agencies to running grassroots local motorsports events, and more, combine our professional knowledge with our diehard enthusiasm for a unique winning combination of marketing expertise!

Creative Ideas to Accelerate Your Brand

Marketing Company Dedicated to Motorsports

P.TEN Marketing is a new motorsports-focused marketing company that specializes in providing the highest-quality services to all things automotive.

Founded in 2012 by longtime motorsports industry expert Ainsley Jacobs, P.TEN Marketing is geared towards helping race teams, manufacturers, and more to streamline their marketing initiatives and get the most bang for their buck. They race, we work – everyone wins!

P.TEN is proud to offer a wide variety of products and services, including but not limited to:
• General Marketing Support Services
• Graphic Design and Development of Creative Assets (logos, banners ads, hero cards, print materials, catalogs, etc.)
• Social Media Marketing Services
• Website Design Development, Implementation and Support
• eCommerce Online Stores
• Website and Email Hosting Services
• Photography and Videography Services
• Image Editing and Digital Retouching
• Editorial and Technical Copywriting, Content Creation
• Email Campaign Management (we strongly recommend Constant Contact)
• Analytics and Reporting
• Creation and Execution of Marketing Plans, Strategies (including budgets)
• Branding and Identity Development

Whether your company focuses on aftermarket or OEM, racing or development, you can trust P.TEN to understand your unique market needs while helping to position your company for growth. The team has extensive experience in both the automotive and advertising industries as well as with all forms of motorsports including drag racing, drifting, road-racing, off-roading, autocross, gymkhana, karting, rally, street and more!