P.TEN Tip: Win with TwInbox for Twitter in Outlook

If you’re like us, you spend a big part of your day managing your email and that leaves not a lot of time to manage other things, like social media. If you use Microsoft® Outlook®, you can streamline things by importing your Twitter feeds and searches right into your inbox to see everything in one place.

A (free!) plugin for Microsoft® Outlook® called TwInbox from Techhit allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts right the email platform you already use.

We use TwInbox, and we’ve been very happy with its features. TwInbox allows you to post tweets to multiple different Twitter accounts, manage replies and direct messages, shorten URLs and more. TwInbox also lets you set up specific searches to monitor people who are tweeting about your brand or any string of keywords – it’s a great way to keep an eye on your brand’s buzz!

P.TEN Tip: If you manage one or even multiple Twitter accounts, use handy plugins to see everything in the same place as your email.

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P.TEN Tip: IFTTT to Streamline Social Media Cross-Posting

Managing multiple social media platforms can be incredible time consuming. If you’ve got better things to do than post the same thing in multiple places, consider using a free service like IFTTT.com to do the heavy lifting for you.

IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That” and it’s a handy web-based tool that allows you to specify formulas for web-related actions, such as posting social media updates or uploading photos.

For example, if you upload a photo to your Facebook fan or business page and have your account linked to your Twitter, Twitter will auto-post a link to the photo – not the photo itself. By using IFTTT, you can create a formula that says “If I post a photo to a Facebook page, then upload that photo Twitter” so that the photo is actually uploaded to and displayed on Twitter – not just a plaintext link! Similarly, if you upload a photo to Instagram, you can use IFTTT to have that same posted on other social media accounts.

IFTTT works with a huge variety of sites and services, so get in there and start creating your “recipes”. You’ll be amazed at how much time you save!

P.TEN Tip: Use a purpose-built service to avoid wasting time and maximize your social media efforts.

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P.TEN Tip: Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts from Your Computer

Instagram is a great tool for teams and businesses to promote their brand, but it’s tricky and labor-intensive to post to multiple accounts from one device. Fortunately, there’s a handy app that alleviates those issues.

A free program for Windows-based PCs called Gramblr takes the headaches out of posting to multiple Instagram accounts.

Simple run the program, login to the desired account, upload your photo, type a caption (don’t forget those hashtags to help your post come up in more searches!) and hit post. It really is that simple! To change accounts, simply close and reopen the program.

Gramblr is great in that you can upload photos directly from your computer – meaning you can edit, adjust, and manipulate images in many more ways than you can from a mobile device. You can also type out your captions in advance to check for readability, avoid typos, and add hashtags.

When using Gramblr, though, you’ll need to make sure that your photos are square in dimension, and no larger than 650-pixels wide by 650-pixels high.

P.TEN Tip: Post to Instagram directly from your computer and manage multiple accounts easily with one program to watch your follower count grow!

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P.TEN Tip: Link Facebook and Twitter to Cross-Post and Save Time

Do you spend a lot of time updating your company or team’s various social media accounts? Do you NOT update at all, simply because it takes too much time?

Consider linking your Facebook page and Twitter accounts so that a status posted in one place automatically cross-posts to the other. We recommend using the “FROM Facebook TO Twitter” method so that you aren’t limited to 140 characters in each post, and because Facebook tends to be more interactive (and therefore a stronger platform for you to spend the bulk of your time).

To do so, first visit https://www.facebook.com/twitter/. Locate the page you want to link, then click the “Link to Twitter” button.
NOTE: you must be currently signed into Twitter with the account you wish to link to for this to work!


Select the items you wish to cross-post and hit “Save Changes”. Now, when you post something to your company or team’s Facebook page, it’ll also be automatically posted to your Twitter account!

P.TEN Tip: Save time and avoid redundancy by taking advantage of cross-posting.

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P.TEN Tip: Boost Morale with Goodies

P.TEN Tip: Boost Morale with Goodies

Want to know an easy way to help boost morale?

It’s simple: goodies. It’s a cost-effective way to help make people feel appreciated. We’re not talking simple trinkets like company-branded pens and mousepads, but things your employees can and will actually use in their day to day lives – things that will make them smile when they see your company’s logo.

For example, if your company has apparel items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, etc., make sure they’re outfitted with the latest and greatest. Giving a shirt to your team every few months is a small price to pay to make them feel valued and keep them smiling!

P.TEN Tip: To maximize the effectiveness of your team, it’s important that they feel like a part of it.

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P.TEN Tip: Managing Sponsorship Proposals

P.TEN Tip: Managing Sponsorship Proposals

How are you managing your current sponsorship program? Do you feel as though you’re getting an effective return on your investment?

Let’s face it, you’ve given your time, money, and/or product to a driver or team in exchange for their promotion of it and your company. If you’re not managing your sponsored drivers, you may be losing out. If you’re too busy to remember to check in regularly, use technology to your advantage by setting recurring reminders (monthly, etc.) on your calendar to follow up with drivers and see where they’re at in their project, or what they’ve done lately.

Ultimately it is s the recipient’s responsibility to provide you with updates on their races and events, exposure they receive online and in print, etc. You can protect yourself from someone who takes product but doesn’t promote by putting it in your agreement that if they’re not fulfilling their end of the bargain, you reserve the right to revoke the sponsorship.

P.TEN Tip: Accountability is important, and you’ll save time and money by making sure everyone is managed appropriately while also upholding the agreement.

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P.TEN Tip: Pitching Sponsorship Proposals 2

P.TEN Tip: Pitching Sponsorship Proposals 2

The race season is winding down, and that means many companies will be soon accepting sponsorship proposals for next year.

First and foremost, check your target company’s website for sponsorship information before you contact them. Usually they will have information on what needs to be included, where to send it, how to submit, and when it needs to be received by. Contacting the company to ask questions that have already been answered only pegs you as someone who is unprepared and unwilling to do a bit of legwork – that’s not a good thing when you want them to pick you!

Additionally, if you plan to pitch in person at a trade show, remember that the company’s representatives are there to work. Limit your pitch to no more than 5 minutes – make it short, sweet, and to the point. Leave your package (if you have one with you), or offer to send it to them later, and follow up with a thank you and hand shake – but make sure you call them by the correct name! 😉

P.TEN Tip: For greater success, be professional and respectful of the people/companies you are pitching to.

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P.TEN Tip: Claim Your Facebook URL

P.TEN Tip: Claim Your Facebook URL

There’s no question that Facebook is an excellent way to grow your brand and help promote your company, but are you using it to its fullest?

You can use Facebook’s short, custom URLs in your advertising and promotional materials. A custom Facebook URL looks more professional, and is better for search engine listings. Plus, it’s a heck of a lot easier to say or type than then standard long-format page URLs!

Go from facebook.com/pages/PTENmarketing/364394913594704 to facebook.com/PTENmarketing!

To get started:
Simply go to facebook.com/username/ to claim your own custom Facebook URL. Make sure you choose something that’s easy to remember, relevant to your company, and not too long! It takes less than 30 seconds to complete.
For example: “PTENmarketing” and not “PTENMotorsportsMarketingLLC”.

P.TEN Tip: Claiming your custom facebook.com/YourCompany URL is a great way to utilize social media to its fullest and amplify your branding.

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P.TEN Tip: How to Tag Pages and Profiles on Facebook

Your personal “Profile” page and company/team “Page” are similar, but have some slightly different tagging functionalities. Below are three of the biggest issues we have noticed people come across when trying to tag a person or page in a post, and information on how to tag:

1. You can tag both people AND pages when posting (text or photo) updates to your personal profile by using the @name feature. People you tag WILL receive a notification, companies will NOT. Similarly, you can tag Pages when posting text updates to your own Page by using the @name feature, but not individual people/profiles. In this situation, companies will NOT receive a notification.


2. Facebook recently changed how you choose who to post as (yourself, the Page itself, another Page, etc.) when posting or commenting on a Page you manage. To switch, simply click the blue dropdown arrow as shown in the picture below, and select the profile you’d like to use. If you select yourself, you can then tag your friends in posts or photos on your Page.


3. You can post on other Pages as your own Page by changing who you are using Facebook as. Click the small blue arrow in the upper right corner, then select the Page you’d like to use Facebook as, and then go to the other Page you want to post on, such as a sponsor’s, etc.


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P.TEN Tip: Trade Show Freebies

P.TEN Tip: Trade Show Freebies

Trade show season is just around the corner. Do you want your company to be discarded, or remembered?

So many times, companies opt for a cheap, useless giveaway item simply because it’s designed to be free. Freebies should serve as a reminder of your brand; often these items wind up thrown out or completely forgotten, never to be used again, completely negating their purpose! How many pens or calculators does someone really need?

Instead, don’t think about “what’s the cheapest branded promotional item we can get” but ask yourself “what is relevant to my industry that customers will actually want to use?” Change your perspective from simply providing a giveaway, to providing something customers will want. Try something pertaining to your company’s products… something that will get people excited about visiting your booth, and entice others to do so as well – the possibilities are endless!

P.TEN Tip: Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it can’t be cool. Be creative and people will remember your brand!

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